Wine List

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Dry White
Tennessee Chardonel
A light & fruity wine that pairs well with chicken or fish.

Chardonel Reserve                                             
This is a light & fruity wine with light tannins that’s been aged longer in oak than our TN Chardonel.  It pairs well with chicken or fish.

Shof’s Rosé                                                             
This wine is vinted in memory of Shofner Morton, one of our long time supporters.  It pairs well with family gatherings and picnics.

Dry Red
Tennessee Chambourcin                                      
This is a medium-bodied wine that pairs well with pizza, hamburgers, hearty roast beef, or steak.
Tennessee Chambourcin Reserve                      
This wine is aged longer in oak barrels than our TN Chambourcin, which brings out hints of chocolate and vanilla.  It is a complex, medium-bodied wine that has hints of bramble fruit and black cherry.
Tennessee Cynthiana                                            
This versatile & full-bodied wine has hints of smoky cedar and spice. It may be enjoyed with steak or spicy pork. Our Cynthiana grapes are grown in Coffee &Warren Co. TN.
Midnight Sun                                                          
Vinted in commemoration of Midnight Sun, another great Tennessee Walking Horse.  The wine is dry and medium bodied.  It pairs well with red meat and horse shows.
A full-bodied wine that pairs well with any red meat or sharp cheese; it’s delicious with chocolate too.
Full bodied dry red.  This wine is wonderful with spicy foods or dark chocolate. 
Syrah Reserve                                                         
A full-bodied, dry red wine made from the Syrah grape and aged 18 months inAmerican Oak.  It pairs well with red meat and spicy foods.  It’s delicious with our Pepper cheese from Sweetwater Valley!

A full-bodied, dry red wine made from Noiret grapes grown by the Christenson family in Overton County, TN.  This is a peppery, spicy wine with tones of cedar and black cherries.  It is great paired with savory dishes, or on it's own.  Limited edition vint.
Cabernet Sauvignon                                       
This full-bodied, dry red wine is great with red meats and sharp cheeses. 
Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve ‘05                       
A full-bodied, dry wine aged in oak barrels that pairs well with sharp cheeses, dark chocolate, and red meat. 
Tennessee Cabernet                  

This is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Ruby Cabernet.  It pairs wonderfully with red meats and sharp cheeses.


Mac White II                                                           
Vinted in honor of the Manchester Arts Center, Classic off-dry white.
TN Stone Fort White                
Cellar blend of Vidal and Cayuga, grown in Tennessee.  Pairs well with light picnic fare, chicken, pork & fish dishes.
Tennessee Traminette                                              
This crisp, fruity wine with hints of spice pairs well with barbeque chicken, turkey and dressing, or fruit and cheese plates.
This is a crisp & fruity wine with hints of spice; it pairs well with barbecued pork, chicken or fruit & cheese.
This crisp, fruity wine has a hint of citrus and pairs well with light chicken or fish dishes.
Strolling Jim                                                             
This wine is vinted in commemoration of Strolling Jim, the first Grand Champion Tennessee Walking Horse in 1939.
Papa’s Red                                                                 
Named after Tom’s Daddy, this off-dry red goes well with friends and family gatherings.

Bonnaroo Red and Bonnaroo White
Both of these wines are vinted in commemoration of Manchester's annual Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival.  The red is fruity with a lovely bouquet; the white is crisp and grapey.  Both are refreshing when served chilled on a hot summer day. 
This is a light crisp wine with fruity aromas; it is wonderful with holiday meals, family, and friends.
Golden Muscat                                                         
This semi-sweet, spicy wine pairs nicely with well seasoned, spicy foods.  Have it with anything from a Cajun meal to Thanksgiving turkey and dressing. 
This is a light, crisp blush wine; enjoy it as a sipping wine, with cheese and fruit, or with any picnic.
Mountain Red                                                          
A semi-sweet red wine crafted from the American Concord grape.  It pairs well with spicy dishes, fruit, and cheese.  And, it’s great with spaghetti!
Roan Allen Red
Vinted in commemoration of the Tennessee Walking Horse, Roan Allen F-38, this semi-sweet wine is smooth and elegant with a keen, crisp finish. 

An old standby of the Eastern wine community!  Tastes just like Grandma’s back yard! 
Nana’s White                                                            
This is a sweet cellar blend of Cayuga, Vidal and Muscadine grapes. It is a great sipping wine or may be paired with fruit and cheese. 
White Muscadine                                                    
Red Muscadine                                                        
This is a sweet wine from the native Southern Muscadine. Called the “song of the south” by admirers, this wine goes well with fruit plates, light meals, or alone for simple sipping.

These sweet dessert wines may be enjoyed alone or, we suggest pairing them with chocolate, ice cream or cheesecake.
Black Raspberry Rapture                                      
Wild Mountain Blackberry                                  
Peach Pizzazz                                                          
Simply Strawberry                                                  

New Release! 
As an appropriate ending to any meal or evening, have this luscious port wine made with our Cynthiana grapes!  It’s spicy with chocolate and black cherry undertones.

Excellent for any and all special occasions, or "just because"!!! Available on a limited basis.  Call ahead to see what is available.                                                            
Brut Champagne 
Rosé Champagne                                                            
Strawberry Champagne