Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Our Most Recent Awards

We just got our results from the 2011 Mid-American Wine Competition In this competition, wines are judged in pairings with some delicious, simple foods that highlight the wines' characteristics.  We entered 8 wines and received 8 medals!   Click on the names of the food below to go to the recipe.  Here are the results:                                        

Gold Medal                                                        Pair with
Tennessee Chardonel                                          Grilled Chicken

Silver Medals                                                    Pair with
Traminette                                                            Sauteed Shrimp
Tennessee Chardonel Reserve                           Poached Sole

Bronze Medals                                                 Pair with
Syrah Reserve                                                      Pizza Margherita
Tennessee Cynthiana 2006                                Smoked Pork Ribs
Tennessee Chambourcin Reserve 2006           Marinated Flank Steak
Apropos                                                                 Chocolate Brownie


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